Laurence Pulle

Laurence Pulle, Principal Business Intelligence Analyst

You wouldn’t necessarily think a degree in Chemistry would lead to becoming a Principal Business Intelligence Analyst at NEL CSU, but that’s just what happened for Laurence Pulle.

Laurence works in our Specialist Business Intelligence team. His role is to analyse data from different healthcare settings to detect patterns in behaviours. So, for example, he might examine data from a GP surgery to find out how much of their GPs’ time is spent doing telephone consultations and how that might compare to the average.

The SBI team draws on the skills of people from many different backgrounds.

"The SBI team is certainly one of the best teams I have worked in, it’s so diverse. I haven’t worked in a team before where you have a health economist, an evidence team and a group of analysts with different backgrounds and also where you are with dealing with such great projects, the Better Care Fund and Vanguards, for example,” he says.
Laurence started his career in clerical positions and then progressed to analytics and while their qualifications may all be different, he says the one thing he and his analyst colleagues have in common is an eye for detail.

"You need to be able to pick up and spot things that someone else might not necessarily be able to pick out. Having an analytical mind and way of working also helps, as does an NHS background. It’s easier to teach people the technical skills than teach them about the NHS, that takes a little longer,” he says.

And it’s rewarding work, working towards improving outcomes for patients.

"People always say ‘why don’t you go and work in a bank and earn the big bucks’ but you won’t get anywhere quite as interesting as the NHS where you have one of the most complex models. If you think of the banking sector, there is only one model – to make money. The NHS’s goal is to make people healthier and having matrix to measure that is far more complex than trying to make a profit.”