Case Studies

Enabling patient-level data deep dives for health professionals


Enfield CCG often asks their GP practices to audit their top three referring specialties as part of their data quality procedure, to check the providers for miscoding or double counting activity. They came to us to help them find a way for their practices to track individual patients through the system.

The CCG asked our NELIE development team to create a report that allowed users to search for a specific patient using their NHS number. This report would need to show a list of all healthcare activity data for the last three years, regardless of provider.


We created a new report, meeting Enfield CCG’s criteria, to be used by all customers (not just GPs). We have ensured that the report shows pseudonymised data to anyone without access to patient identifiable data.

The report allows patient activity to be broken down into A&E, and inpatient and outpatient attendances, giving total costs for each area. It also includes a table that allows more information to be seen on each activity – such as speciality and outcome – together with their priority status.


We will be developing the report to include more information, such as long-term conditions and acute diagnoses. These are the priorities identified by respondents to our user survey. We also intend to link it into existing NELIE reports, such as for frequent A&E attenders.

As with all our reports, this one is now available to the whole community of subscribers.

Tara Dear, Demand Management Programme Manager, Enfield CCG said: “The [Patient Summary] tool acts as an essential part of patient-level pathway tracking for Enfield CCG and GP Practices. In addition to supporting the practice-level outpatient and A&E Frequent Flyer audits, we are also using the tool to track our Complex Care patients as determined by NHS RightCare to understand patient needs and align services more appropriately, such as Alcohol Liaison services in A&E.”

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