Case Studies

Vanguards across England to implement new models of care


NHS England recognised that there was a need to commission a CSU with an academic partner to create a series of resources that enabled the vanguard’s decision making process in relation to developing new models of care to be underpinned by a robust evidence base.

In late 2015, the vanguards were asked to list the topics on which they wanted evidence to help them implement their new models of care. Over 70 topics were identified.

Working in partnership with the University of Kent’s Centre for Health Services Studies, we were commissioned to work with NHS England and the vanguards to undertake a prioritisation exercise that enabled four evidence summaries to be written and published.



Through effectively bringing together the subject matter expertise within our team and the University of Kent’s Centre for Health Services Studies, we were able to effectively engage with the vanguards and NHS England to prioritise the key themes from the long list of 70 topics. Research bulletins were created to signpost vanguards to additional publications that would not feature in the evidence summaries, but would be useful to inform local planning and delivery. The findings from each of the evidence summaries were tested with the vanguards and NHS England prior to publication



The two research bulletins and four evidence summaries were circulated to vanguards and internally within NHS England between June 2016 and March 2017. The team received positive feedback from NHS England and the vanguards for each publication.

Following requests from other CCGs not involved in the vanguard programme, we published the research bulletins and evidence summaries on our website to ensure that a wider audience is able to benefit from the resources developed through this project.

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