Historic Claims Service saves clients millions of pounds

NEL CSU is saving clinical commissioning groups millions of pounds through its Historic Claims Service. The service was set up in response to the introduction of deadlines for patients, their families or representatives to request an assessment of eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare for previously un-assessed periods of care (PUPOC).

In 2014/15 we helped our clients reduce their historic claims liabilities significantly, from a potential £18.5 million to under £1 million (based on an average care/nursing home cost of £850 per week) and 358 cases were closed during the two assessment phases. The streamlined service has been welcomed by our clients who have commended us for the ‘invaluable service and quick response to queries’ provided and thanked us for going the extra mile. The success of the service has been acknowledged by NHS England which is commissioning NEL CSU to share best practice and take the service out to the regions in a series of roadshows throughout the country.

CHC Historic Claims Services Director André Fox said: “We at NEL CSU pride ourselves on giving the best service we possibly can and are delighted to be helping our clients through this potentially difficult project. To have the work we are doing recognised by NHS England is the icing on the cake.”

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