Lead Provider Framework

NEL CSU has won a place on the Lead Provider Framework.

NHS and public sector organisations can now easily procure a range of high quality services from one of the country's most highly rated organisations*. 

We have been encouraged by the excellent feedback we have received on our submissions. The CSU has been approved to provide innovative services for end-to-end commissioning support e.g. finance, HR, communications, business intelligence, IT and contracts; specialist support e.g. medicines management, continuing healthcare and individual funding requests; and bespoke services to deliver transformational change for our customers and better healthcare for patients.

In order to provide customers with confidence in our staff, the NEL CSU submissions were all prepared by the subject specialists working in the CSU. The evaluation panel (which consisted of 30 representatives from CCGs) assessed the work of staff who deliver the services for clients on a regular basis.

Helen Pettersen, Managing Director of NEL CSU, said: "I am delighted that the skills and abilities of our dedicated team have been recognised. This is a great result for the CSU in particular and for the NHS in general, showing that we can compete with the private sector in providing competitively-priced high-quality services across a broad range of disciplines."

The full announcement and details can be found on the NHS England website

*only five organisations/consortia were appointed to provide all services on the NHS England Lead Provider Framework.