NELIE gets a makeover

NELIE screenshot

NELIE – NEL CSU’s web based business intelligence platform – has had a makeover.

The new look web portal was launched today along with the release of a new report for clients which allows GPs and clinical commissioning groups to track the number of patients being discharged after their first attendance as an outpatient, supporting the reduction of referral costs.

The report was specifically designed for Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group, to help them in their goal to reduce their first outpatient discharge rate to 22 percent, but is also available for other CCG areas. As well as including the number of patients being discharged after first attendance, the report lists age and demographic breakdown.

NELIE’s makeover will see the platform become more user friendly with reports being much easier to find. We will also improve, and add to, the number of reports available on the site.

NEL CSU Director of Analytics Matthew MacDonald said: “Technology is ever-evolving and we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for our users. We hope the improvements we have made to NELIE will assist our clients to utilise this platform better while at the same time helping them improve and deliver healthcare to their patients.”

For further information or assistance with NELIE, please contact the team at or by calling 020 3688 1212.