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NELIE (NEL Information Exchange) is our innovative web-based business intelligence self-service platform designed to present actionable insight from your data, allowing for better decisions both at population and individual patient level.

NELIE has been shaped by our customers, with reports that are easy to use and understand. Customer feedback continues to guide its ongoing development, with new reports being added and rolled out regularly to address pressing health and social care issues.

We recognise the importance of supporting you to commission the best possible care for your patients. As part of the NHS, we have a deep understanding of how local and wider health and social care systems work. We have the skills and practical expertise to turn data insights into transformed services and improved outcomes for your patients, tackling inequalities and inefficiencies.

NELIE features

  • Patient-level risk stratification to identify those most at risk of hospital admission
  • A suite of long term condition reports, including diabetes and dementia
  • A standard patient pseudonym that allows commissioners to speak directly with clinicians in a secure manner without the need for sharing patient identifiable information such as their NHS Number.
  • A drag and drop reporting tool allowing you to build your own reports.
How NELIE works

NELIE support and training

We offer a wide variety of services to improve your experience of NELIE.

  • NELIE Support, the bespoke service desk for NELIE. This team offers expert first line knowledge and advice, triaging all NELIE related requests.
  • Training on NELIE, from face to face sessions to regular webinar training.
  • Regular newsletters to make sure you’re always kept informed of new developments.
  • Access to our Specialist Business Intelligence team’s local knowledge and advanced analytical techniques.
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