NELIE (NEL Information Exchange) is an innovative, web-based business intelligence portal that provides customers with access to standard reports using a variety of NHS data. The platform has an interactive menu system for customers to find information to help improve patient care, view broader health care trends and explore opportunities to create efficiencies.  This is supported by the NEL CSU data warehouse which manages hundreds of data sets.


  • Storage of data in secure applications and data environment through a Data Services for Commissioners Regional Office (DSCRO)
  • Secure access to a wide range of data in formats to accommodate non-technical and technical users
  • Easy to understand reports with quality assured data
  • Staff with in depth expertise in all aspects of data management and analysis


  • We are a trusted provider of managed data warehousing to customers across London and the South East
  • Our NHS Digital approved approach allows Commissioners and GPs to communicate about specific patients securely and confidentially.
  • Economies of scale mean all customers benefit from the development of new tools and we are flexible enough to offer a tailored service
  • The intuitive design of NELIE makes it easier for you to search for the data you need
  • Rigorous data quality process, by our dedicated data quality team

If you would like further information, please contact our Business Development team