Provider Quality Assurance

Clinical Specialist Support

We provide clinical quality advice to CCGs and our own clinical quality assurance managers and contracting teams to ensure that all commissioning contract management decisions are clinically sound and evidence based. 


Maternity and Mental Health

  • Quality review and analysis of all provider maternity and mental health serious incident investigation reports
  • Review maternity and mental health dashboards, highlight areas for further analysis, deep dives or clinical audits
  • Review clinical audits and action plans from findings, or other relevant guidance
  • Work with CCGs and providers on priorities for local maternity and mental health networks, national service developments or local initiatives
  • Review and advise on new national clinical guidelines for local implementation and monitoring
  • Support CCGs developing commissioning intentions and indicators for quality monitoring
  • Support CCGs to ensure that providers work collaboratively with NHS England and Public Health England to deliver antenatal and new born screening services and high quality mental health services

Infection control 

  • Analysis of providers in relation to Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs), against national targets
  • Work with providers and commissioners to improve performance
  • Conduct Post Infection Reviews (PIRs) of all CCG assigned cases of MRSA bacteraemia
  • Attend acute Infection Prevention and Control committee meetings and feedback to CCGs
  • Review HCAIs reports and guidance, advise on responsibilities assigned to CCGs and providers and follow up on implementation
  • Support CCGs to seek relevant HCAI assurance
  • Advise CCGs on developing commissioning intentions in relation to HCAI’s
  • Provide IPC quality assurance for primary care providers with audit, action planning, and advice on new builds and refurbishments

If you would like further information, please contact our Infection, Prevention and Control team