Clinical Services

Clinical Services - Overview

NEL CSU is committed to offering clinical services that improve the health and well-being of patients, enhance the quality and safety of the care they receive, and support better access to the services they need.

Clinical Services offers clinical expertise to customers through short term educational packages and a range of direct services commissioned for Provider Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Personal Health Budgets, Medicines Optimisation, Individual Funding Requests and Patient Placements, Referral Management, Continuing Healthcare and Previously Unassessed Periods of Care (PUPoC).

Our varied skills and spectrum of inputs shape services that help customers meet and exceed core standards, good governance, and CQC compliance. Subject experts process, interpret and translate clinical information and apply practice from pharmaceutical to nursing skills along entire care pathways to meet population needs in healthcare settings and in partnership with local authorities. They have named patients at the end of their services and promote patient-focus outcomes to shape service delivery and improved patient experience.

We offer 

  • Effective systems supporting appropriate access to treatments Positive outcomes for patients that are cost effective and evidence based
  • Timely information for local and specialised commissioners in the designation of cancer services
  • Reviews of pathways against optimal and best practice pathways
  • Access to technical guidance and routes to excellence
  • Brokerage of high quality packages of care to meet patient’s needs in their own homes or care homes
  • Fast Track authorisation service for immediate provision of care for end of life patients
  • Systems to enable tracking of patient reviews to ensure that these are in-line with the National Framework
  • Tailored Quality and Patient Safety management to support customers in identification and management of clinical, quality and patient safety risks and processes within the nursing home sectors
  • Management of appeals, retrospective assessments and historic claims 

Benefits of working with our services

  • Multidisciplinary / multiagency panels for ratification of eligibility assessment to ensure robust governance
  • Experience in supporting customers to manage clinical, quality and safety risks
  • Financial reporting to enable customers to monitor budgets effectively
  • Expertise used to co-create solutions to deal with your issues.

If you would like further information, please contact our Business Development team.