Clinical Services

Referral Management Centre

This Referral Management Centre ensures that patients referred for certain procedures are offered choice and treated as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Referrals are generally made through the e-referral (previously Choose and Book) system which streamlines appointment booking for GPs and patients.


Orthopaedic referrals

  • Patients triaged against agreed criteria
  • Choice of providers for patients including private hospitals available through the e-referral system.
  • Direct booking of outpatient appointments and onward request for copies of any x-rays or MRIs already undertaken
  • Waiting list management
  • Data collection includes numbers of referrals received, specialities referred for and number of referrals being sent out to other providers

Primary Care Oral Surgery for NHSE

  • Referrals triaged by a qualified Dental Practitioner Adviser 
  • Access to dental services for NHS patients
  • Single point of contact


  • Local e-referral help line for patients
  • Audit trails

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