NEL Healthcare Consulting

NEL CSU supports the NHS Five Year Forward View and Vanguards

It’s full steam ahead for the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) with the recent announcement of 50 new Vanguards. NEL CSU and our consultancy NEL Healthcare Consulting is supporting new care models and the FYFV.  Our work includes supporting:

  • Changes to specialised commissioning
  • Roll out of primary care co-commissioning (including the three other contractor groups being included in the near future)
  • Encouraging GPs to form new provider organisations/federations at scale –
  • New models of care being developed via the Vanguard programme
  • Realising the benefits of the Better Care Fund
  • Collaborative commissioning – CCGs coming together to commission
  • Outcomes-based commissioning
  • Improving the physical health of people with mental health or learning disabilities
  • Using enablers like workforce, estates, IT to help deliver new care models.
  • Working with NHS England new models of care team in the assurance of Vanguards nationally

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NEL CSU is currently supporting our clients with their Vanguard projects.  They are:

Tower Hamlets Integrated Provider Partnership (THIPP) – MCP

NEL CSU is supporting this partnership of Tower Hamlets GP Care Group Community Interest Company, Barts Health NHS Trust, East London Foundation Trust, Tower Hamlets CCG and London Borough of Tower Hamlets to improve healthcare for Tower Hamlet’s 270,000 residents.

Patients in Tower Hamlets will benefit from having easy to access health and social care services and a positive patient experience. This new model of community care will ensure a single shared assessment and plan for patients. It will enable social care, primary, community and acute health services to truly co-ordinate their services around the patient, rather than the patient and their carers having to navigate themselves through health and social care services. The current collaboration of four organisations will be broadened to include local voluntary and community sector organisations, as well as patient groups, to share experiences and skills in the best interests of patients.

Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge – Urgent Care

Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge System Resilience Group aims to create a streamlined urgent care system delivering intelligent, responsive urgent care for 750,000 residents in the most challenged health economy in the country.  The SRG partners include the CCGs, GPs, hospitals, community services and local councils and aims to streamline all their urgent and emergency care services to just three.  The services will be supported by a smart digital platform that will recognise patients and personalise the help they receive.

Principia, Nottingham – MCP site

NEL Healthcare Consulting is supporting the Principia Vanguard team in the development of their Value Proposition (similar to a business case). 

The Principia MCP has five clinical goals:

  • Create a far more cost efficient and clinically effective model of care
  • Fully integrate all local health and social care providers
  • Transfer all care to the right place
  • Focus on prevention, early diagnosis and management of risk factors
  • Target resources more effectively based on detailed understanding of population need

These goals will be delivered across a care model that begins with self-care, followed by care at home and community care, with patients progressing to hospital care only when absolutely necessary. Ten separate work streams – including acute and routine physical and mental health – will be pursued using connections and relationships that are already well established between health and social care professionals.